The One Tweak You Did Resulting In A Great Strat Tone?


Apr 16, 2021
Most of these have been said, but I have had a few “lightbulb” moments with Strats that have felt revolutionary at the time.

First was floating the bridge. The first time I experienced the smooth feel of a floating trem, it was amazing. Also, I prefer the airier tone of a floating bridge.

The next one was experiencing really good fretwork for the first time. Playing any guitar, but particularly a Strat, with smooth and level frets is a game changer. It’s so effortless to play and all the notes ring true without dead spots.

Another one was really getting serious about dialing in the intonation. Strats in particular have this glassy piano-like tone, and once I finally spent time getting a Strat to really play in tune up and down the neck, it made the guitar sound so much more rich, especially for chords with open strings and pedal tones.

One last one was also related to pickups. The pickup height definitely makes a difference, but for me it was the balance between the pickups. The relative heights between pickups has a huge effect on the in between “quack tones” and you can really dial those sounds in by adjusting your pickup heights while in the 2 and 4 positions.


Dr. von Loudster
Dec 22, 2010
'50s wiring in my Blackmore Strat and the mid pickup in series knob mod in my Antigua.
Both sounded absolutely great stock but the mods made them sound killer.

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Apr 27, 2022
Changed the pickups to a Pete Biltoft Vintage Vibe SP-90 set…and decking/blocking the tremolo with a small stack of quarters—using vintage “tone” coins only ;):p:rolleyes:


Jan 9, 2022
I've asked this question many times, but once more:

What is great Strat tone?

Hank Marvin?
Cliff Gallup?
Buddy Holly?
Jimi Hendrix?
Ritchie Blackmore?
Buddy Guy?
Van Halen?
The Edge?
John Mayer?

Can someone get back to me on this?
Dmitri Mendeleev?

also, why do you need to single one out, Mr. Ebidis?

also, who are these people and what do they have in common?


Nov 26, 2020
Vancouver BC
There is a lot of tone to be found!

I like pickups that hear the acoustics of the guitar and do not impose themselves. Lawrence and Lace both chase this ideal. With ample signal you can shape response with minute height adjustments. I like my chords to sound like a grand piano in a concert hall not a plinky upright in an old timey saloon. To get there I need to use expensive European strings and Tusq saddles. This assumes a well set up guitar with exceptional resonance.

It's funny to me that a Classic vibe Custom telecaster with Becky built pickups (Keystone bridge and L90 2.8h neck) is among the most successful of my attempts. It competes ably with much pricier guitars!


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Nov 14, 2013
Dmitri Mendeleev?

also, why do you need to single one out, Mr. Ebidis?

also, who are these people and what do they have in common?
I don't need to single one out. My point is that it's hard to discuss what great Strat tone is when it varies so widely.

All of those people are known for playing Strats, yet none of them sound anything like the others.