The PRS Silver Sky is the best sounding, best playing "Strat" I've ever owned...

John C

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Jul 17, 2012
Kansas City
I hear this constantly BUT I'm in the camp of that head stock and those stupid birds a big NOPE!

Which leads to the question that may have been answered somewhere in the previous 72 pages.....

Is the neck pocket cut to accept a Fender neck as replacement?

Just so you don't have to root through 72 pages - no their neck pocket will not accept a Fender neck.


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Dec 4, 2013
the prs attention to detail is big the difference.

their percentage of guitars that are easy to play out of the box is their edge because it is all of them where fender's percentage is super low.

i've played more guitars in more shops than i could get you to believe but i am telling you it is hundreds and the data is strong.

fret work and set up is the droid you are looking for, after fret levels and full setups my mim guitar is as easy to play as my hand made usa prs and japanese prestige ibanez, it aint nothing else just attentioin to detail. and marketing !


May 18, 2021
He also had the ability to make someone look really really pedestrian lol and I’m a huge Clapton fan

I have no real ability to listen to Clapton. Not sure why just never really interested me. Him and Santana really never peaked my interest.

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