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May 26, 2013
West Seattle
^ The Steerman is my favorite airplane of all time. A boss I had a long time ago in Florida had one, and he'd take us up. Very cool open cockpit fun, you really feel a part of the sky.

All kinds of acrobatics but if felt very safe. It felt like riding on a motorcycle, but in 3 dimensions.


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Dec 17, 2017
Just got home from a couple days in the mountains. This is North Fork Payette River, it usually is full of kayakers but the pics were early yesterday morning and there was none in the water yet. We stayed in Swinging Bridge Campground. Im sure you can guess why the name. 100_0492.JPG
100_0490.JPG 100_0491.JPG


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Sep 25, 2012
In a van down by the river
Road trip to Tahoe today, stop along the US 50: View attachment 293280
View attachment 293279
Just a couple quick cell phone snaps, the battery in my real camera seems to have given up the ghost and didn’t hold a charge long enough for me to get even one pic off. [emoji20]

I did location sound on a documentary about the Western States 100 race. Beautiful country there. I was on the crew that had to cover the 90 mile checkpoint which is down in a ravine so had to hike down there with a guide in the middle of the night... pitch black doesn't even describe it. They had beer though when we arrived so it was worth it