Thinking about buying this Tele


Jul 18, 2021
St Augustine, Florida
By way of Cinninati or Atalanta. Modern small parcel carriers use a HUB system. It's interesting to watch where it goes before reaching you.
Yeah, I bought one of my Strats from Guitar Center in February of 2020 from a Nashville store. That part of the country was shut down due to snow. It took over a week for it to ship. When it finally did ship and made it to my hometown I was excited thinking I would get it the next day. When I checked UPS tracking it said it had departed Jacksonville and was in transit. The next day tracking placed it in Kentucky. I think that was someone putting it on the wrong truck though. Usually when a package arrives in its destination town its delivered the same or next day.


Senior Stratmaster
Jun 17, 2014
I have a tele mutt. I put a compensated wilkinson bridge and some GFS pickups n wiring. Cool cheap project. And yes nothing sounds like a tele.