Thinking of getting a Strat - now what?


Feb 17, 2013
1,400 EUR should land you a nice MIJ I would've thought? In Australia it certainly would. I'm not sure if it necessarily works out the same in Europe, due to tarrifs, or taxes, etc.

The Hybrid 60's is a great guitar. I'm sure the Hybrid II is just as good.
Hybrid 60s would be very similar to a MIM Vintera 60s modified (sometimes I wonder if the Vintera line was inspired by the MIJ Traditional and Hybrid lines, which I believe came out first.)

As for me, if I'm in that budget, I'm looking at a Vintera 50s modified, getting that sweet push-push switch that brings the neck pickup into the equation for tones, plus locking tuners.

OR go for the MIJ Hybrids (or Traditional), and get that sweet MIJ neck work, electronics can always be upgraded ;)