Transfer patch from Line 6 to Boss katana


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Aug 31, 2021
The first amp I got was a line 6 Spider V mk2 20, and when I upgraded guitars I also upgraded to a Boss Katana. I’d love to transfer one of the patches I have on the spider V to the boss… does anyone know if this is possible?

I tried to recreate it but the boss tone studio isn’t as in depth as the spider v remote.


Dr. Stratster
Nov 1, 2019
State of Disbelief
I don't know enough about the spider v interface, but I do know the line 6 supports a lot more types of amps than the Katanas, although the chip for the Katana has capabilities that are not built into the interface.

One way to get a little more versatility and to possibly recreate your old patch might be to use Floorboard and the Sneaky Amps. There's an explanation of how to use these and it contains a links for both, I believe.