TWO new releases from EMC (4/1/20)!!!

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    Hey, folks, i hope you are all keeping well and staying safe!
    Today, two new albums dropped:
    Homebound Self-Isolation
    Shelter In Place

    Why two, you might ask?
    Well, like many of you, i've been working from home, avoiding going out
    unless it's absolutely necessary, and practicing safe social distancing.
    To keep from going stir crazy, i came up with the idea that i would produce
    one complete track every day for 10 days straight, just as a challenge.
    Then a young beat maker who goes by the handle
    Rendengang contacted me
    with a proposal for a collab, and i broached
    the same '10 in 10' idea to him.
    He was totally on board with the concept, and he promised that he'd send me a
    basic track every day during the same timeframe for me to add bass and guitar
    tracks to.
    So now i was committed to doing 20 finished tracks in 10 days, LOL.

    i managed to get the collab with the beat maker done in that timeframe, no problem.

    That album is the Shelter In Place one, with credit going to my session alter ego,
    Philomena 'Phil' Tyme. WARNING: this album does contain some EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!
    This is the first collab track we did together:


    Homebound Self-Isolation is the companion solo project; that one took me over the
    self-imposed 10 day limit because one of the tracks i laid down ended up being almost
    9 minutes long, and didn't quite fit with the rest of the album's more concise ones.
    That track will appear on an upcoming collection of looper based ambient stuff though,
    so you will get to hear it eventually.
    For this album, i'm working off of ideas
    and themes relating to how i'm dealing with some
    of the issues that crop up in this situation we all find ourselves in at the moment.

    It's a real challenge, especially for someone like me who tends to go off the rails when my
    routines are disrupted (OCD is a real PITA at times, to put it mildly)...
    so now i have to make some new routines, i guess. Wish me luck!

    Here's a sample track from the solo project:

    The Streets Are Empty Now

    If you like what you hear, both albums are up on bandcamp now and there are some
    free downloads available, or if you want to support these efforts financially, well...
    every little bit
    helps, especially right now!

    In any case, give them a listen and let me know what you think.
    At the very least it should help to pass the time, LOL!
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    The dialog from the scene in Full Metal Jacket...LOL...that's great!!

    Checking this stuff out now. Cool stuff so far! Glad you are able to keep busy and productive with your music.
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