Ultra Tight Tuning Machines


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Mar 23, 2011
Just got a Squire thinline tele. The tuners are so tight I can barely move some of them. Never had this problem with any other guitar. Ideas?


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Nov 14, 2013
If they're modern style tuners, you can adjust the screw on the knob, and change the tension.

If they're the vintage style tuners, you're probably SOL.

Bobby Mac

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Jan 31, 2022
Texas Panhandle
Same thing happened on my brand new Squier Classic Vibe 70s Thinline I bought last December. Only one tuner, but it was a mofo. I tried a few things before resorting to replacement, including lubrication, using a string winder to run a couple hundred revolutions in each direction. No love.

I replaced all of them with a new set of Fender/Gotoh vintage tuners I had on hand for a future build. Had to replace the tuner bushings as well, as the stock bushings were to small for the new tuner shafts. Not a difficult job, and the new tuners work like they should. It was a GuitarCenter online purchase so I just took care of it myself. GuitarCenter does not have a tech I would trust to do this right, even though its pretty simple.