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Mar 6, 2020
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Just the sight of a left handed guitar makes my brain twist in a knot.
I felt like the only one! I don’t know what it is, but if I see a guy playing a lefty then it doesn’t freak me out so bad. But, when I see pics of left handed guitars only, my brain screams WRONG!!! it really screws with me like I want to report it or somethin…😵‍💫:oops:


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Apr 28, 2014
Steve Miller liked the idea


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Jul 30, 2021

Im confused. Are you a left hander playing a right handed guitar?

Jimi was using a reversed guitar and looked cool.

Cobain used a left hander and looked cool.

If I dressed in a leotard and used a left handed guitar (im righty) I dunno.

If I dressed in my best gig clothes maybe Id look cool.

For sure it would be harder to tune.

It is completely subjective.

I think having if I played a lefty strat I might just be seen as a hendrix fanboy so not so cool.

If I played a left Les Paul I wouldnt be able to play the higher frets!

If you think you look cool with a reverse guitar thats kinda important as it will give you more confidence.

More important to sound cool :)
Yes I am a lefty but I play right handed


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Jul 17, 2020
Does anyone else think lefty guitars look cooler when being played then rightys? I play righty idk if it has to do with me being lefty or something I just think they look cooler.
They look really unnatural. 😫

Mr Jagsquire

Sep 26, 2020
I just don’t know how Doyle Bramhall II plays it so well but its upside down and backwards.
Makes me crazy when I watch him play.

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I had the pleasure of watching him from the front row at a gig about 10 years ago, he was playing with Sheryl Crow. It took me a while to work out that it wasn't just a regular left handed guitar as I wasn't quite close enough to see the bottom string was thicker. Some absolutely brilliant playing and he has appeared on some concert DVD discs I've bought since and it still amazes me how he plays like that.

I'm left handed at writing, but play guitar right handed, though pretty much ambidextrous with tools which comes in handy in some of the tight spaces I have to work in.

Unfortunately I worked out that while my hands play drums like a right handed drummer, my feet prefer to play like a left handed drummer. :oops:😂 I have to stick to very basic bass drum patterns. 😅

I think I play keyboards right handed, but I'm not 100% sure. ;)


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Jan 1, 2019
Lefty guitars make me dizzy when I look at them. But strangely Jimi playing a strat upside down is fine with my brain.


Jan 18, 2022
Could be worse, could own one of those right-handed Hendrix guitars that just have the upside-down headstock.

How desperate were Fender trying to make money by making those?

I guess it worked, but they're still stupid guitars.
Right! Did they even have reverse slant pups?

I love Jimi to death but I would never pick up one of those.

My strat ISvintage white with a 3 ply white guard like the woodstock strat. maybe subconsciously that set my perception of a beautiful strat haha. At least I have unique knobs :))