Vaccine - possible side effect


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Mar 15, 2015
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Anecdotes don't show anything. You haven't controlled the variables.

So here are my anecdotes:
  • I teach middle school. I usually start the year with about 40-50 boxes of tissues, and I always run out of tissues by February. We were face-to-face with masks all year. For the first time in 28 years, I ended the year with tissues left over. 26 boxes of them. While it seems possible that masks and social distancing cut down on colds and allergies, it is also possible that the kids were just wiping their noses with the insides of the masks.
  • My allergies have always been triggered by mowing and other yard work. Three weeks ago, I began wearing a mask and safety goggles while mowing. I suffered no allergy symptoms. I've done the mask and goggles every time since, and still no symptoms. Scientific? Nope. Good enough to keep me wearing a mask for mowing? Yep.

Since I have masks lying around I too am suiting up for yard work. Helps a lot.


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Jan 23, 2020
Friend of mine had his second shot on a Thursday 3 weeks ago.....we were supposed to go out to dinner on that Saturday.....he still wasn't feeling better, so we canceled.....Sunday he was at the emergency room.....doc biggie just after effect to the shot...

Following Tuesday....he had a massive stroke....69 yo and he is still in the hospital (rehab)...can't walk without the aid of a walker, left arm is pretty useless....

This is a big strong man that has worked as a laborer his entire life until he finally retired last year....

not saying it was the shot...BUT.......

And so what if it was? MMR shots aren't 100% safe. Neither are Hep A or B. Nor are diphtheria, tetanus, or polio. None of the vaccines that most Americans get are 100% safe for 100% of people. People have bad reactions to all of them. It's part of medicine. It evens happens with OTC meds. People have reactions and are hospitalized and/or die. It's nothing new. And it's not out-of-the-ordinary.


Nov 3, 2019
Chester, UK
In answer to the OP, I've had the usual slew of colds, just like I do every year, despite wearing a mask in public. I DO have an 8 year old child though, so am probably picking up stuff from her as I do every year.


Sep 21, 2019
Covid-19 has the same spike protein as most cold virus'. It's possible that we may inadvertently while out the common cold on this one. Get your damn shots!

I had a brain fog...I couldn't find my words, or I'd kinda trail off at the end of a word. It sucked.


Mar 5, 2021
If the vaccine can protect from certain common cold viruses, that would be great news!
Apparently though, there are hundreds of viruses that cause the common cold, so even of the sars cov2 vaccine helps against the common cold, it'll probably only help against a small number, unfortunately.

I'm also hoping that all the cash they've invested into research and the new MRNA technology will lead to other good things in the future.


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Jan 1, 2020
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i am not a doctor IRL and this should not be taken as medical advice but --

i do seem to recall reading something about the mRna vaccines which suggested that one possible knock-on effect of getting the shots would be an increased resistance to variants of the common cold.

Both the wife and I have been vaxed for almost two months, and last week we adventured out on a nice road trip. A week or so before the trip the younger grandkids were over, both sick with a cold, super congested and with buggers running down their noses and feeling crappy (thanks a lot, mom and dad...). Seeking comfort from Gp and Gm there was a lot of hugging and kissing and touching (yuk) and of course the natural reaction of a grandparent wanting to comfort an aching little one can overcome the aversion for getting sick.

As expected, a few days later the symptoms started for both of us - runny nose, congestion, scratchy throat, feeling ran over and crappy - three days before we go on vacation. We were both a little pissed off over the bad timing and discussed cancelling the vacation. Next day the cold was full blown, but surprisingly by the end of the day the symptoms were easing. On the third day we both woke up and the symptoms were completely gone.

Not trying to draw any conclusions here, but we all know common colds last at least a full week, sometimes two weeks before all the symptoms are gone. Knowing the common cold is caused by a type of coronavirus, I looked it up and found a couple articles/mentions relating to the vax possibly providing some protection.

So after getting the shortest lasting cold of my life, I'm interested in hearing if anyone else who has been vaxed has had the same happen, it's kind of too soon and most people have only very recently taken it, but as time passes and more people catch a cold, post your experience here!

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