Very cool dumpster find

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    Aug 22, 2011
    My neighbor found an old Ibanez lawsuit lp. Just like this one:

    Pretty banged up, the ornate headstock has the big wing chipped off. No bridge or tailpiece. One tuner has been replaced. Couple of big finish chips on the body. Neck pickup has a busted mount. Neck is filthy, probably needs a refret, but hard to say until it's strung up, at least a crown and polish. Nut looks to have been recut, probably too deep-- again, needs to be strung up.

    The fretwork, inlays and neck binding are beautiful.

    He plugged it in and tapped the pickups- everything works that way.

    The tuners, except the replaced one, have a star on the back.

    I'll post some pictures when he brings it over later. He has hopes of a full restoration, but I dunno if the correct parts are available.
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