We need more singing in here!


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Jul 9, 2020
Republic of Gilead
I’m honestly working on it, dado.

It gets to the heart of my personal issues, so it’s a struggle.

Curious about your thoughts on this one aspect of it. Working on vocals, I tend to cover other songs. I have a hard time hearing my own voice anyway, but I suspect it’s worse because I don’t sound like the singer I’m covering. So I wonder if an original would make the sound of my voice less . . . idk, disappointing or disheartening?


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Nov 11, 2022
Canada eh
Wow, new stars on the rise, some real good talent! Bravo!!

Funny I see this today...
Last night I tried to figure out my voice classification. I'm glad my neighbors aren't too close lol.
I think I'm a baritone.
I've often had a hard time singing along without having to switch octaves. It gets annoying.
My singing is about as good as my guitar playing... I just have fun with it.

I'd like to try putting something together one day though.

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