What’s your most revered reverb?


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It really depends on what you are looking for in the verb pedal. I think I've honestly had just about every reverb made in the last 10 years lol and they all have strengths and weaknesses. The Universal Audio Golden is by far IMHO the most 'studio-like' pedal. Nothing too wild or crazy, just very high quality spring, plate, and room algos. I'd stay away from the RV6 if you are looking for stereo. It's stereo in/out but the actual reverb is mono. IDK why they did that... For large form factor I'd suggest the BigSky or the Empress Reverb. For smaller form factor the Neunaber Immerse V2 is one of the best, but I will also submit my+1 on the Cloudburst, especially if you are into ambient tones. If you use it with MIDI it's much more than a 1 trick pony. I just ditched my Collider and UA Golden and kept the Cloudburst on my board, but as with every pedal, it's all about what you like and makes your ears happy!


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Jun 7, 2012
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I have (in order of preference):
1) Wampler Reflection
2) T-Rex Creamer
3) Boss ME-80 set about midway on "hall"
4) Danelectro Spring King...used with a Demon FX Tape Delay, it sounds pretty good...a bit raw on its own.

All are very usable for what I do.


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Jan 22, 2016
My favorite, by far, was the SolidGoldFX Surfrider III. I sold it since my amp has built in n spring reverb, but boy was it good. The new SolidGoldFx Surfrider IV sounds even better.



Nov 1, 2013
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Boutique standalone, i'd probably go with
a Strymon Big Sky.

i've never heard one sound anything but awesome.
On my old pedalboard it was a Boss FRV-1
('63 Reverb) from Japan.
Nowadays i'm mainly going with either the
onboard reverb in my RK5 Fly Rig or one of
many choices in a digital modeler, but if i need
to go truly old school i also have a standalone
Fender 6G15 '63 Reverb reissue.
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Dec 27, 2016
I would love to get me a Twang-O-Verb like the one that @El Gobernador made. Maybe one day. For now, I use the pedal that he tosses in the video he made of it. The Biyang Tri-Reverb is a really good sounding reverb that fits well on the board and is super inexpensive!!!


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Mar 24, 2013
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I’m itching for a reverb pedal. I see a few that keep coming up in videos and review sites, like Strymon Big Sky, Strymon Flint, Electro-Harmonix Oceans 11, Boss RV-6. What reverb pedals do you like?
All good. I have a ton of reverb choices on the Helix Floor, and the Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B. has a surprisingly good reverb setup built in.

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Feb 17, 2007
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I have a '64 6G15 outboard unit and a proletarian Biyang Tri-Reverb that I can get to sound just like it, at moderate levels.
I only use a dab to juice things up.
My favorite is still the mid-'70s outboard tube reverb that doesn't suck tone.