What’s your most revered reverb?


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Nov 6, 2022
Jersey, CI
Another vote for Keeley. I have the Delay Workstation, and the reverbs on it are really quite good. The Shimmer setting is great for subtly filling out my trio's sound on songs that require a cleaner sound.

Otherwise the spring tank on my Twin is my favourite. I did wonder if you could get one and build it into a pedal board... but it's valve driven.

T Bone Slort

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Jan 7, 2014
Gibsons, British Columbia
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I like this Hall of Fame ll mini reverb.

I also like the MXR reverb.

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I also have a Hall of Fame 2 (full size) but I hardly ever use it as my Boss Tera Echo is always on.
When I bought my 65 Corvair Corsa in 68 it had both a front & rear speaker so I installed a reverb under dash unit.
I guess I'm just a reverb junky!

Dik Ellis

Aug 24, 2021
Georgetown, TX
My pedals are all $99 or less, but I get what need out of them : Mooer R7, Fender Hammertone Reverb, and the JHS Series III Reverb. The Mooer has 7 reverb types and allows you to store one program for each reverb type.


Apr 18, 2019
Another vote here for the Topanga. I always just used the built in reverb in my Fender amps... When I picked up a Reverb-less SF Champ a few years ago I needed to get a pedal to use with it, and the Topanga nails a Fender spring reverb perfectly.

I also have an RV6. Lotta fun sounds in there, but to my ears the spring setting on it is the weakest link (and spring is what I'm after about 99% of the time)... Something weird/unnatural about the decay. Still a cool pedal, though.


Dr. Stratster
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Aug 24, 2015
Va. Beach, Va
I normally just use my amp reverb, Mesa in particular has a nice one. But if I want a some little extra sauce the Hall of Fame 2 does it for me. The fact that it's stereo is the main draw


May 5, 2020
Rochester, NY
I went on a Reverb quest not too long ago. Did the experimental thing with the EQD Afterneath (drag knob can be very fun musical if used with an expression pedal), did the conventional route with the EHX Oceans 11 and TC Electronics Hall of Fame (both very usable and workable in many contexts) but I found something to check all the boxes when I got the Neunaber Immerse Reverberator MKII. It has stereo ins/outs, extremely pedalboard friendly in size, and does normal hall/plate/spring as well as more experimental algorhythms with the W3T or sustains modes. Can't recommend it enough. It's the last reverb pedal you'll ever need.


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Jan 10, 2021
Jacksonville, FL
I always just used the built in reverb in my Fender amps...

I normally just use my amp reverb,
I use the reverb on my amp (Boss Katana), but when I’m trying to use the drum sounds in my Boss Looper, or if I play multiple parts with the looper, they are all reverbed equally. With a pedal, I can put the reverb only where I want it. The reverb in the amp is really good though.