What are PRS S- and T-type guitars known for?


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Jan 23, 2020
I call 100% complete BS on your Private Stock story. First the Santana is close to an SG shape but with the top horn slightly longer. If it was a right handed body with longer horn sanded down a bit then it would still be longer or equal to the bottom horn length. 2nd Paul signs every PS personally and there is no way he let what you described out of his building much less with his signature on it. I have met Paul three times and he’s super cool, loves guitars and takes massive pride in his work. Unless you produce a pic of said Santana I don’t believe your claim for a second. If this was 10 top or wood library maybe but doubtful, but a PS each signed by Paul and hand inspected before signing, no way it came out like you say.

It probably looked just like this one as far as the shape goes



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I have the SE Standard, and it works for me. The real expensive blingy ones just aren't in my sights, they just don't do much for me. I can get a decent single coil sound by splitting the coils. I like it a lot better than the LP Studio I traded in on it. The only thing I've changed is the strings and the truss rod cover. I plan on putting the PRS locking tuners on it. Screenshot_20200128-202617.png KIMG0660 (2).JPG Screenshot_20200304-125033~2.png

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Aug 23, 2010
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I now only play Strat's and thin double cutaway, PRS guitars. It's a very easy switch. With the edge going to PRS for their Playability (necks) and tuning stability. I may not like some PRS models, just like I don't like all Fenders. I've owned all of the popular guitars and worked as a full time musician. While playing for Nashville recording artist, I've carried a Tele as a backup. But, they always preferred the sound of my PRS guitars.

PRS guitars tend to be very resonant and their pickups do tend to have more clarity than other brands. They might work well for you. Or, they might not. YMMV!

Here are my PRS extremes, from plain to fancy.

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Nov 1, 2013
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What is a t-type guitar?
'T-type' = non Fender/Squier Tele-ish thing
'S-type' = non Fender/Squier Stratty thing

My only PRS is an early McCarty Model, with a traditional sunburst finish, fairly subtle flame maple top,
and the half-pearl half abalone dot markers. i've never been a fan of the birds myself.
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Jan 10, 2021
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The PRS guitars I have personally played and heard are excellent. There are several models that do not have the bling. From most accounts they are nice instruments. I just purchased a S2 Thin line which is crazy good. It sustains for days. The only bling is the birds. I prefer regular dot markers on my fretboard, but I will take this as is. It is a great guitar.
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Ha. Funny enough, it’s the birds that got me interested in them from the start.


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May 3, 2019
I wasn't keen on the birds originally, but I have to admit that they did such a nice job on them on my recently acquired Paul's guitar SE that I really do like them. I also own a Vela S2, which is probably about as close as they get to a T-style. Mainly because of the tele-like bridge. No birds. In fact I'd say that the neck and fingerboard on the SE Paul's guitar is nicer than the S2. The network is equally good. 20211114_175747.jpg


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Jun 5, 2021
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Q: What are PRS S- and T-type guitars known for ?

A: Bird Inlays & 3x3 Head stock layouts ?

That & PRS has to have something to lure the Fender artists that defect from Fender over to PRS when that contractual relationship becomes strained with Fender.