What is the BEST pickup position on a SSS Strat?

If you could only use one pickup on your SSS Strat for the rest of your life which would you chose?

  • Bridge

    Votes: 21 15.1%
  • Middle

    Votes: 32 23.0%
  • Neck

    Votes: 86 61.9%

  • Total voters


Feb 28, 2020
If I wanted a guitar with only one pickup choice I'd play a LP Jr with a P90 not a Strat. There's no sense in owning a Strat if I can only choose one setting.
I had an SX LP Jr "copy". All mahogany with a set mahigany necm and 2 P90s - had an awesome growl when pushed and very clear tone when pulled back. Great lead guitar but I don't play much lead. Cheap guitar action set up well and sounded great on either/both pickups. I don't own a Strat and am more fond of Jazzmasters but I don't even own a Fender. They're not the same since pre CBS models.


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Dec 10, 2017
Id have to go with the neck.. I got so use to it during my first 7 years as an electric player. !



Jun 2, 2012
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
My #1 "why did I sell it!" guitar was a 1962 Epiphone Casino that only had one pickup in the middle. When I first got it I felt like it was a compromise because I wanted a 2 pickup version but they were hard to come by & expensive. When I jammed with some buddies and one had a '67 2 pickup Casino we of course did the A/B and mine of course sounded different but not worse by any means. I knew when I sold it I'd regret it, and I do.

Point being, the middle position is extremely versatile. Another 'one that got away' was a Gibson SG Custom reissue with three pickups. The wiring was such that you couldn't access just the middle position; I'm very curious what it would have sounded like wired for middle pup access.
Check out Bob Wootton on The Bob and Ramon Show on YouTube. He has numerous vintage single pickup guitars with the pickup position in the middle which he feels is the prime spot.


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Dec 17, 2019
Mean Streets
I did Choose a HR/S/S For The diversity you may want to use at some point but so far its been the Hot Rail in the bridge position and a small lead part in the neck position

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May 14, 2008
If you could only use one pickup on your SSS Strat for the rest of your life which would you chose?

(Huh? How does that happen? By magical curse?)

You probably meant to ask about our favorite Strat pickup position... I use them all but seem to favor 1, 2, & 5. If I could only select one, I'd fix the Strat: It's easy to do. I sure wouldn't live with that problem for a lifetime.

For a single pickup guitar, I'd probably get a LP Jr. or Melody Maker (but I prefer the SSS Strat's variety).

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