What is your guitar project today?

Guy Incognito

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May 14, 2019
Here and now
Debating with myself on changing to a regular Strat jack plate.
It would only be for looks, because I like to use the one I have now with a right angle cord.

Um, I use a right angle chord all the time with Strats. My two main guitars are a Strat and an SG. I refuse to use a straight cable into an SG.

You can use a 90 with the standard Strat Jack plate. At least I've been able to use any right angle chord I've ever owned with any Strat I've ever owned. I haven't owned all the Strat's and chords there ever was.

Teles???? Not so much. They usually get an Electrosocket.


Oct 1, 2018
Still waiting on winter for less humid days..
Then will be shooting some nitro.
My srv scotch build is on hold for that.

nice classical Ian! Never played a mahogany back classical, how’s it sound?


Jun 2, 2021
I will have to address this. It's a friend's guitar on which I did a nut replacement. I saw at the time that this will become a problem because cracks were developing. The break is clean and fits nicely so I guess the toughest part will be doing a natural wear finish on the back. The original one is gone so the wood is pretty worn.


Jun 2, 2021
Leveling some high fret spots, then polishing the frets on my 1995 Strat Plus.
This is dependent on finding my tri-corner fret file. It is missing in action.
I’ve been looking for it these past 3 days. All my other “ luthier” tools are in the dedicated tool bag.
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That's a nice looking guitar. What are these pickups?


Jun 2, 2021
Debating with myself on changing to a regular Strat jack plate.
It would only be for looks, because I like to use the one I have now with a right angle cord

That is actually very cool. I was thinking about where to put a switch for coil splitting and this seems to be a nice solution.. LOL. How did I not think about it before, I could make it out of copper, would look nice and relic. I use a right angle cable with Strat jack plate when I play my "Hendix" Cort. It is more convenient.
BTW, the neck looks awesome.


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Dec 17, 2019
Mean Streets
Practicing for me, but getting ready to mod My Revstar 620 to what i'll be calling it the Red Line edition :)
Got My set of Alnico II 59 PAF from Planet Tone along with New Pots and Orange drop Caps
Now have to wait a bit more for the CFO to clear some more funds for new bridge and locking tuners :eek:


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Oct 14, 2010
Just finished this one up. It's an old Harmony strat body, changed out the neck with licensed WD and put some early 80's dimarzio pickups in it. This is stuff I had in the parts drawer. Yes I added a logo to the neck, finished it in nitro. I always write parts caster in permanent marker inside the control cavity and on neck heel of I add a logo. I also left the contoured body logo off. With this one, the bridge and body shape are dead giveaways it's not a strat. Tuners are gotoh. No serial number on the neck.
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Sep 11, 2012
non ya
I don't know why I am chasing down stuff no one else wants and I really don't need.

It usually always ends in disappointment.

Got a call that a hunting buddy saw some old guitars or parts in a barn in NE Arkansas.
When I got there I told them nicely that they had junk, one may be firewood the other Japanese junk.
But I went ahead and bought them because I thought I could make out the Fender telltale signs even under a quarter inch worth of paint. Told them I would try and make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

200+ miles later and a day of stripping and to my surprise....

The pre-77 hardtail body was literally a partscaster, it was in two parts, broken in half with an Elmers glue job barely holding.
The combination of a huge mineral streak with country boy over tightening of screws snapped this body in half.:eek:
My guess.

After taking off 10 layers of latex over poly over nitro over poly black finishes and fixing a poorly done repair, the pre 77 body has it's tap tone back. Will re-dowel one of the poorly drilled holes in the neck pocket so it aligns and looks better.

The real surprise was what I thought may be a Japanese body turned out to be a '69 Fender body, it had a very old Japanese neck(60s?) with a old BR fretboard but had the smaller screw pattern originally. Everything else was not original and looked to be of import origin. No bridge hardware to be found.
Later I talked to an Uncle who said he had a photo somewhere of him standing in front of his brand new black 69 Z28 with his brand new "black" guitar. Black Z with white racing stripes and a black Strat with maple neck and white pickgaurd. Sharp!
Asked for a copy of the photo, he laughed and hung up on me, must of thought I was weird.
I asked my buddy to ask him, he did think I was weird. o_O

Funny the Candy Tangerine reference since that is what the '77 is going to be.

The 69 will be either Olympic white, Ocean Turquoise metallic or Blue Ice metallic. Still deciding.:rolleyes:

Final sanding this week and order in what supplies I need.

Already have some killer era correct necks picked out.

Paid 50. bucks for both, now I kinda feel like I should mail em some more money. It's just Alder anyways right?.:whistling:
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Jan 10, 2014

Guitar project .... well ... I'm restoring a couple of Fergusons this summer.

Hey, they are from the 1950s. A '55 and a '58.
About 50% more horsepower than the similar Ford Ns out there.


Picture is random Internet but happens to have the pair and colors I'm working on.