What Is Your Number One Strat?


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Aug 30, 2014
What neck is that?


I mean, what are the specs?
It’s a Fender John Mayer neck on a Guitarbuild.co.uk 1 piece Ash body with a boutique pickup build by Evil Sheep .. an amazing small pickup wonder who makes a set called ‘Experience’ which covers most sounds you could wish for.. (Also has Eric Johnson harness setup)


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Oct 28, 2021
Hi guys, I don't know how many of these types of posts you guys get in this forum, so if you don't like seeing this post just fly away and be free guys!

Do you guys have "the one", your number one strat that you feel like you'll hold on to forever and that you connect to like no other guitars? The strat that you think it's better than all of the others in your own opinion and experience?

If so, please share some photos, and if you have any stories to share along I would love to read through them! There's nothing like getting second-hand enjoyment from people's experiences in getting their dream guitar.

I'll start, mine is a recently found treasure, American Original 60's Strat in Olympic White.

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Since I got my first strat which was MIJ hybrid 50's,
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I started to want a rosewood pre 65 spec strat with nitro finish. All of my guitar heroes played rosewood board relic strat... SRV, John Frusciante and John Mayer. I thought trying to wear nitro finish by playing would be fun to look back on in years time. Naturally, I looked for ARVI 62 and AO 60's, I'm not joking for 2 years I've been trying guitars in different shops and online to find a guitar I want. But then there was nothing I actually liked, some didn't sound that much better than what I had and some guitars had really light rosewood, which is not my taste, or some guitars were too dam heavy.

So I gave up, only recently a couple of months ago, I started to search again, since the American Original series was discontinued and it was becoming really hard to find them around. I thought if I don't try to look for it now, I won't be able to for a while or pay a lot when they release the successor of the AO series.

Then I found something! 62 vintage reissue hot rod, thin skin nitro, nice and dark rosewood and 9.25 radius (I like 9.25 radius) 3 sunburst. I had to buy it online and get it shipped, kinda not my thing because I don't like buying a guitar without trying it but I thought why not? Give it a shot, so I call the shop like 2 hours after they open because I had to be on a call for work. I simply called to ask about the weight and if the weight was light enough I was going to pull the trigger..... Then as I was talking to the shopkeeper the guitar got sold by another person on the phone with the other sales rep..

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So I kept searching and ended up calling this online store that had one guitar in stock in shell pink. I called them and they said, sorry, we don't actually have that in stock anymore because one of the employees bought it. I was like 'not again' ....

But the guy on the phone told me there's a store that they share inventory with that has 4 AOs in stock right now. So I called the shop went there and asked the guy if I can have a look at all 4 of the strat. Gracefully he said 'of course do whatever you like man', so this is what I did,

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We had a blast comparing each guitars, two guys at the shop, and I.

I'm telling you guys those guitars were all different and the shell pink guitars, even the finish was different, one was lighter in colour than the other! And look at the case even that was different.

At the end plugged in 2 guitars, one shell pink and one olympic white. This Olympic white strat.. my god sounded tooo dam good. As soon as I plugged in I was like "wow..." I liked the shell pink colour more but I had to go with the Olympic white..

Later on the guys at the shop told me that, they really liked the strat they often played it time to time... So, it wasn't just me who thought that this guitar was amazing.

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Now I own the best guitar I have ever tried and it feels amazing! Also any name idea for olympic white guitar? I love it so much that I want to name it!
ol' whitey bastard


Jan 17, 2012
My ‘57. Even though I don’t take it out and play it at clubs like I used to, I really feel it’s a part of me.
My white T. Shepard ‘57 is my main guitar these days for gigs and jams.


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Mar 18, 2021
Have 4 Strats, but this is the one, bought new for $500.00. Have never played anything better--'95 American Standard with a Seth Lover--


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Jan 8, 2016
This is my no.1 strat.
An Amdlx circa 2k06.
I've had it for ...15+ years. It has been on countless gigs, though thick and thin, and it has never failed to be absolutely amazing. I have a few guitars, but I tend to stick with mainly 1, and this is it FB_IMG_1628738487908.jpg