What Tone Qualities Do You Listen For…

Bob Spumoni

Senior Stratmaster
May 5, 2019
New England
I would quantify perfect Strat sound as sparkly, spanky, fat and funky, with a fair amount of pearl when overdriven.

All of which means absolutely nothing to anybody but me.

I’ll completely misquote Potter Stewart,”I can’t describe it but I know it when I hear it.”
LOL. "Pearl"? Is that really a thing?

I guess I like a little tourmaline in my tone, come to think of it, or mica schist.

Houdi Elbow

Aug 9, 2021
Me too. An' ah like to say sayin's. When ya say sayin's yore really sayin' somethin'. Yup. I tell you what. Know what else ah like? Shoes that don't hurt. Ah cain't help bein' picky. Ya know when yore string wahnder get's stucked up yore nose? Ah don't like that. But sometimes it'll happen when ah'm not lookin'.