What was your first car?


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Jan 20, 2018
Murfreesboro, TN
This is a pic stolen from the Internet, but I had a 79 Subaru circa 1990:


Except that mine was pretty well knackered by the time I got it. Rust holes through the body big enough to see the engine from outside. Vinyl seats all cracked and ripped, it leaked oil like the Valdez, speedometer didn't work, and it ate alternators. There was a while I had to push-start it, before I figured out I could hot-wire it with a screwdriver.

Still, it took me lots of crazy places. I drove it on roads where Jeeps got stuck.


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Aug 11, 2020
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Mazda 323 1980-ish somewhere..
Bought it from my boss. That thing has been driven to many gigs with a Leslie for a Hammond organ in the back quite a few times.
Never used it, since i bought it before i got my license. Was parked outside my Grandma´s barn for 2 years until we decided to just scrap it because of rust.
It was a hilarious trip to the scrapper. The parking break was stuck, so it gave out tons of white smoke on its way there. But these cars just started. We charged the battery, and it fired right up after a few twists of keys.. 2 years being dormant.
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Dec 17, 2016
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1965 Mustang. Red, convertible, 289 V8.
Technically my first car was purchased by me at age 14- a 1966 Mustang with no interior or engine. I dropped in a 1968 302 from a wrecked Mustang and salvaged most of an interior. I had the car drive-able a few months later, but ended up buying a 1967 Mustang GTA from the guy that sold me the wrecked '68. It was originally metallic light blue, but had been painted black.
I kept that '67 until I was almost 40- about 25 years of driving joy.

This was not mine, but it's the closest I could find online. I didn't have the styled steel Mustang wheels, but chrome mags instead. Also didn't have the stainless rockers.
Otherwise it's pretty damned close...

1679338757821.png 1679339119729.png
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