What was your first electric?


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Sep 26, 2015
A late 70's Japanese El Degas guitar.
It was a copy of a tele.. piece of junk with terribly high action. Tuners were hopeless as well. If you see one for sale run away.... run far away...


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Feb 9, 2013
Somewhere in Space
My 1st official guit-fiddel was an earlyn 80's Ibanez Blazer... clear poly over a pretty decent Ash body.. Maple neck and board.. it was a good guitar... This one's not mine (it's long gone many moons ago)... but, it was the same finish, hardware, etc... If I stumble across one of these today I'd be very inclined to nab it... they play and sound good!


Jan 23, 2022
Austin, TX
Same as the OP: Sears/Dano 1449 guitar with amp built into the guitar case. Christmas present from the parents. Cool idea but in reality a fairly unplayable guitar (for a beginner) and a toy amp. Returned and got the similarly priced Sears/Harmony electric (guitar only) that I’d actually asked Santa for.

Plugged it into a record player that had a mic input and got an always-overloaded tone that only sounded right when playing the ‘Satisfaction’ riff or You Really Got Me, which turned out to be just fine.
Fantastic. Same basic story for me. Couldn't get the Dano to stay in tune. I wired a Garrard turntable to one input of my crappy amp, plugged in to the other so I could "play along." Ha!