What were they thinking??!?


Mar 17, 2009
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I have a similar covered humbucker thing going on with one of my Strats but the screw situation is a lot more pleasing than the Wide Range Humbucker look…
And NO….the reversed headstock look is not disturbing in any way!
It’s my little nod to Jimi…


Nov 26, 2020
Vancouver BC
The real WRHBs would have been deployed in the seventies if Fender thought they were appropriate.

I'd like to try one in the neck of a Duo Sonic along with a Tele bridge pickup.


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Dec 2, 2020
Cypress TX
I saw the Andertons vid - from their new set - and while I liked some of the colors, I wasn't overly (or should that be over-Lee?) impressed.

It seems Fender dropped the S1 push-push (about time too IMHO) but are using a push-pull on the strat, and Lee had problems pulling on a Strat knob, just like me.

The better ends on the frets, great. That blue to white fade on the GSS Strat, love-er-Lee (okay no more puns). Locking tuners, great but so what? That humbucker and the noiseless pickups though...


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Sep 22, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
My issue isn't so much the appearance & layout of the Player Plus line, it's that it exists at all.

I know that guitar sales are supposed to be better than they've been for years but is it really necessary to have like 5-6 different incremental levels of a single model?

For instance the Player Strat I just bought a few weeks ago was pushing $900 after tax, etc. There were several mint, barely used American Pro's and even Pro II's on Reverb for $1200-1300 including shipping. If this line is going for close to $1100 on the street after tax why would someone even bother with them if for another C-note they're in US made, Pro territory?

I get some may like the color options or "just another 100 bucks" is a big deal for many of us, but man, I just can't see why this line exists. Plus, they're VERY vauge on the Noiseless pups. I looked for the past 30 min. and can't find any info on just what "Player Noiseless pickups" are.

Are they previous generation Noiseless pickups? Are they some new proprietary pickup just for this line? How do they compare to the top Ultra Noiseless pickups Fender offers and the Vintage Noiseless?

If you guys have more insights I'd appreciate it...


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Sep 24, 2017
My only problem is Fender naming pickups Wide Range, when they are just «revoiced humbuckers». The CuNiFe WD in my tele sounds great, much much better than the stock «fake» one. I like the humbucker in my Ultra too, so I’ve no problem with Fender making them.


May 25, 2021
Temecula, CA
If only it had no headstock, the look would be complete. Thing probably puts out a blizzard of icy-cold Strat tones, though, to go with that iceberg color scheme….like nice bottle of Schnapps.

Jim Carl

Jan 20, 2021
I don't mind the pickup cover. To my eyes it's the fade paint job and pau ferro fret board that make this guitar look cheap.


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Nov 25, 2016
There are only so many ways Fender can re-mix the same 75 year old guitar so you will buy another one.

These pickup covers look terrible. Why they did not install red covers and knobs is beyond me....



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Jan 10, 2014

The blue fade and the antique pickup bobbins and knobs are the mismatch problem.

Performance wise it could be ok.



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Dec 2, 2010
Peardale CA
Granted…..it was a great idea to put Noiseless pickups in the latest series of Player Strats.
But this Humbucker in the HSS Player Strat is butt fugly!!
I, personally, have never liked the Wide Range Humbuckers……IMHO….Fender just can’t do humbuckers!
They’d be better off putting an exposed bobbin humbucker in there!
The offset pickup cover screws are just off putting and upsetting to me!

View attachment 507564

How do ya really feel


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Sep 5, 2020
Altered States
The offset HB thing has always looked odd. But what's worse is a flat chrome cover, offsets or not, on a Strat where the singles are essentially open cover. The HB needs to be open cover and looking like two singles back-to-back to complement the B & M middle singles.

The color scheme, meh, not for me but to each his own on that.


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Jan 23, 2020
It's the modern version of a wide range humbucker.

I've had that pickup in a Tele and it sounds absolutely amazing.


If by modern version you mean a standard humbucker in a wide range case, then yes.

From your link(and many, many pics online):

There are three reissues of the wide range pickup using two designs: one manufactured in Japan using ceramic magnets and one in Mexico using alnico. Despite an almost identical appearance to the original 1970s unit, both are regular Humbuckers in large cases; surrounded by wax to take up space and prevent resonant feedback.

The current Mexican reissues, much like a Gibson humbucker, feature a bar magnet underneath the bobbins that abuts to six screw type pole-pieces in each coil; they are simply conventional humbuckers placed in the larger "wide range" humbucker casing, and the gap is filled with wax. Although neither pickup precisely replicates the sound of the original, they are tonally similar.

The third reissue is the Cunife magnet reproductions.

Its not a wide range humbucker. It's just a standard hb in a wide range case. The only thing they sell that's a wide range humbucker are their genuine, CuNiFe magnet wide range humbuckers that are built exactly like they used to be. Anything else isn't a WR hb.
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