What's with this product?


Nov 10, 2018
Bay Area, CA
Lately while seeing a few bands live I've noticed their guitarists using Finger Ease spray.
One fantastic guitarist in particular sprayed it liberally over the fretboard of his guitar.
To me this stuff seams greasy and in my mind would add up to crud on the fretboard!
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May 30, 2013
SE England
I'm can't say the product is useless, but that's because I've got through 55 years playing guitar without ever using it. If anyone finds it helpful, then they should keep on using it. BTW, am I the only one who has no idea why their wife buys some spray-on shower stuff, and no idea what the benefit of this product is supposed to be?


Nov 15, 2021
When I used this in high school, I would spray it on a cloth/napkin/something and pinch it around the strings, running it up and down their length. It did a good job of cleaning them, especially considering that I had a friend who sometimes played my guitars, whose skin oils would make unwound strings become squeaky gritty after 3-5 minutes of playing. It was aggravating and disgusting but I couldn't change strings everytime he played them. After that can ran out, I went to Fast Fret because that was more readily available locally.

I clean my strings with Fast Fret after each time I play. They last longer. I don't know if it just creates a moisture/acid/salt barrier after removing said substances, but my strings still feel new after many hours of hard play.

...well, except for this last shipment of Roto Yellows. They keep rusting after a few weeks of use and I have no idea why. Sorry, Rotosound. I'm looking for someone else.