Where does the metal for the Trem Block come from?

Guy Incognito

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May 14, 2019
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So if I have 4 different trem blocks made with supposedly identical material, why do they change the tone so much?
Either other factors or the placebo effect.

I can convince myself a black guitar sounds better.

In the hypothetical 4 block scenario are all 4 different designs of the same material or 4 identical blocks?

IMO the answer doesn't even matter.

In one case a swapped a Squier pot metal block for a nice beefy solid brass block and found there to be almost no difference.

In a another situation I bought an Allparts Nitro body that came with a massive brass block. When I put my 62 reissue neck on it, the guitar was very bright and lively. I figured that was the big brass block.

Later I bought a Hwy 1 body with stock bridge. I put the 62 neck on the Hwy 1 and a KWS neck on the Allparts body.

Suddenly the Hwy 1 body was lively and the Allparts body not so much. The 62 neck was lively, the block was doing nothing.
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Feb 3, 2020
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recently while reading some of the more stupid posts on this web site(not mine of course), I started thinking about the troll who kept arguing about types of metal(I forget exactly what he was on about)
Anyway is he back, or am I just paranoid?