White knuckle time

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    Fear not for the thunder
    but the lightning...that's a different story
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    Good question but then if we can't seem to convince 20-30 million or so people to get a vaccine that can save their lives and others how successful might we be convincing that many people to move from NYC to New Jersey or from California to Minnesota?

    I don't deny the difficulties but we are a nation built on our own technologies so it appears to me that some difficult decisions will need to be made. My only regret is that we'll have politicians making them for us instead of people who actually know WTF they're doing. :(
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    Yeah...I didn't want to go there, and won't, but difficult decisions do indeed need to be made. And those require leadership, something this country hasn't seen or had for a long time.

    They also require something more than short term thinking, which is ingrained the American psyche. We can't seem to think much past the next quarterly report, for the most part.

    That's why I found that Walmart billionaire's idea interesting. He seems to be a billionaire that wants to stick around, rather than the unnamed ones who look more like they're rats looking for a way to desert the sinking ship.

    Of course moving populations on those scales can, and is done, but to do it successfully you have to have a centralized, planned state, like China. If you look at their mega projects such as the one on the Yangtze River, that's' thinking generations, not years or decades ahead.

    But that's never gonna happen here, I just mention it for the contrast. Gotta work with what we got.

    And in the leadership dept. we ain't got much. Politicians will always do what's sexy and makes them look good over what may not be so much, but just necessary.

    The Oroville Dam/Reservoir is a classic, (not the only) example. CA had a 4 or 5 year drought period when levels got low, but rather than fix the problems with the dam and spillway which were known they were too busy satisfying their "edifice rex" complex with that silly and expensive bullet train.

    Then, when the drought finally broke, so did the spillway causing downstream folks to have to evacuate and suffer losses. Not only that, it was exponentially more expensive to finally fix what should have been done before, due to the water levels now being high.

    It's that kind of stupid management by crisis that is a bigger bar to accomplishing what we need to do than any technical barrier. That and the sowing and maintenance of divisions in order to advance their own special interests.

    I have absolutely no doubt that with solid leadership, and a united sense of purpose, American can, and has, accomplished monumental feats. I just don't see any sign that those two requirements will be met any time soon. At least not in my lifetime.

    But hey..I don't have any crystal ball.

    Don't have blinders or rose colored glasses either. Time will tell.
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