Who, in your opinion, is the most UNDERRATED guitarist?


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Mar 7, 2013
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Lonnie Mack wrote and recorded a song called 'Wham!', I think it was released in 1963. Here he used the Bigsby on his Flying V extensively.

As a result of this, other guitarists wanted to have 'one of them whammy bars' to emulate that style of playing.

Although not immediately obvious, as the style of music is quite different, this is also where George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley got their band name.
Genuinely fascinating! Thanks for that. +Underrated guitarist? Glen Campbell, the numebr of people I speak to don't know him as anything but a country singer


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Jun 28, 2011
Otisblove nailed it for me. I think both Davey Johnstone and Brian May are overlooked because they are part of a much bigger picture of their band/singer


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Dec 11, 2013
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I honestly didn't read all of the posts. Whenever I see these threads, I never see Al Pitrelli mentioned. I was in a TSO tribute for 6 years and came to respect this guy like no other. His tone, phrasing, and passion are nothing less than fantastic. He inspired me greatly, and is one of those guys that you hear...and change the way you play because of. He's also a one take studio musician featured on a lot of albums that I don't know he did.

Side note...It's always sad to know someone who knows your hero and tell you that he's a complete ******* egomaniac. Oh well.

Here's some of my favorite stuff of his. The first video skip to about 3:33 in, and the second about a minute in. I copied the timed links, but they didn't take when I pasted them.



Mar 24, 2017
Earl Hooker. Plays amazing alien sounding slide in standard tuning. Sounds like a surf Hawaiian guitar from space!

Influence on Jeff Beck I think. His instrumental Blue Guitar was sung over by Muddy Waters for You Shook Me as covered by Led Zeppelin.



Sep 5, 2016
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Roy Buchanan never got the attention he deserved, he remains the "musicians musician". Knopfler is famous but a bit underrated and he is one of thw greatest guitar stylist ever.
Rory Gallagher was a monster player too with great energy and clear and concise sound.
Tony Joe White is also on the list and one hell of a player and writer.

Most guitar players who play the guitar so it serves the song first and tossing around notes is second at best, are underrated.


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May 25, 2017
I recently heard some solo stuff from King Zapata, Gary Clark Jr's guitarist which was great. There isn't much online, but here's a nice video