Wireless systems?


Dec 26, 2013
Boston, MA
Not sure where else to put this:

Anyone here using wireless systems with their strats (or other guitars of course)?

I have a very old Nady system in my rack that I'm looking to replace (even though I've been mostly using cables for years now). But with the new multichannel/digital systems it seems this may be worth revisiting for the few occasions where stages are a bit bigger.

In any case, I've narrowed it down to three options (and I have to stay in the under $1000 class so the top notch pro systems are unfortunately not available to resolve the compromises).

1. Shure QLX-D - It's digital, uncompressed, works in standard UHF channels (available in the sub 600 Mhz range that won't be auctioned off by the FTC), comes with rack hardware for 19" and cables to move antennas to the front, max of 10mw output on the transmitter, seems sturdy, has an external power supply)

2. Sennheiser EW D1 - relatively new, digital in the 2.4Ghz band, does not include the rack hardware kit, 1-100mw output, seems sturdy, has external power supply, cheaper than Shure, some nice extra features, additional transmitter would be cheaper than Shure, nicer/more compact transmitter

3. Line 6 - has been around, gets mixed reviews on reliability and drop outs, otherwise great set of features such as 120V power, full 19" rack, antenna mount options, easy way to switch between transmitters, also 2.4Ghz

So - none of them is perfect. The Shure is pricey and for that I would expect some of the Line 6 features (no external power supply, 19" or better mounting hardware options) and more than the 10mw output. But it is in the more reliable (?) 400 Mhz UHF range with more channels as opposed to the somewhat amateurish 2.4Ghz spectrum used by phones and wifi devices and only 12-14 channels available.

Both the Line 6 and the Sennheiser operate in 2.4Ghz and I'm not sure if that's the future or a dead-end.


Sep 22, 2011
Los Angeles
I have the Senheiser. Hasn't given me any issues. Do yourself a favor and get some rechargeable batteries. You will eat through them. I also attach my transmitter to the strap with Velcro and run the cable through the folds in the strap. Switch guitars? Just switch straps.