Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?


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May 5, 2020
Here in England the national speed limit is 60 mph and the motorway is 70 mph. I believe in the US of A it is 55 mph?

I could go as fast as I can on a vintage Strat' without incurring fines or bans.

The guitar wins 🥇🏆


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Mar 18, 2020
To be completely honest, neither… if I had to take one, I’d take the Ferrari and sell it again. Then, I’d spend the rest of my days shopping around guitar stores and just trying whatever they get in, buying what I like. Or collect certain production series, like the AV(RI) series, or Japanese vintage guitars, or… I don’t really see any use in a guitar or car that’s so valuable I won’t dare to really use it so why bother? I’m happy with my 2001 VW :)


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Nov 7, 2018
I have a very nice Strat that is less than two years old. It doesn't even need an oil change yet.

I would rather have a Ferrari than a vintage Strat.

Oh well, back to my Mazda 3.


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May 6, 2019
You can, even in the strict choice scenario, and it does indeed depend on your worthiness as a function of your creativity. For example, selecting the Ferrari, renting it to a movie studio and using the proceeds to purchase the vintage Strat could be one way to have both.
No movie studios! They’re all perverted and have no family values. I do have standards to abide by.

How about companies that make sleazy music videos with barely clothed strippers sitting in my car gyrating to and fro?

You know, something more artistic.


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Sep 23, 2014
I'd take the Ferrari. Because I already have a vintage Strat.

But if it had to be one or the other, I'd keep the guitar.
It's one of my all-time favorites and I'd never willingly let it go.


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May 5, 2020
Snort. As if anyone drives 55...
This side of the pond we have lots of police speed cameras, probably more than the rest of the world put together?

Great source of income for the traffic authorities 😉

Don't get me started on London...


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Jan 23, 2020
I know a successful business man who has a few cars valued at well better than $100K. I feel richer owning an original vintage Strat. Certainly, I'd be happy if an expensive car came into my possession as I would sell it and use the money to purchase more vintage Strats. I believe I gain more self esteem coming up with a good arrangement on the guitar than I would driving an expensive car. Beyond the esteem is the fun factor. Nice cars are indeed fun to drive as I experienced in the late '70's when I worked for an English car garage. In that job I got to drive several nice Jag's, a Mangusta (yes, Italian not British but it was there), a Rolls and many fun English sports cars. I do drool at the great classic cars I see on the Barret-Jackson auctions and at car shows - but playing the guitar is more fun to me than driving great classic, luxury or sports cars. I'm curious to hear other thoughts regarding the title question.

Ferrari. There are FARRRRRR more $100k Ferraris than there are $100k vintage Strats.

Then I'd sell it and go buy 3 vintage Strats and a vintage Les Paul or two.