Would you rather have a vintage Strat or a Ferrari?

Ronnie Fn D

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Feb 1, 2022
Valrico FL
I'll take the car.
I have guitars that I love, and I don't have a vintage guitar fetish. I'll take the Ferrari.

Thank you for your generosity. When can I expect delivery?
Same here, old guitars do nothing for me.
I just want to own a Ferrari so I can act like a giant doosh nozzle while I'm at the local car wash. 🤣
It's more at the gas station. I have owned a few of the lower end Ferraris before the values went ape **** on them. It's always at the gas station people are looking you up and down like you are the worst person ever lol.


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Dec 4, 2013
ever try to put groceries in a ferrari while strangers are bothering you cuz you have a ferrari that will not hold groceries? pass.

i can not own a guitar i'm going to play and not modify it, so no use in me de valuing a vintage strat. pass.


Oct 26, 2018
Between dodgy mechanics and dubious luthiers and techs, its the strat. Also, doesn't cost to own a strat, unlike a sports car.

I like a nice car like anyone else. Reliable, lots of power, good stereo. If it looks dull, that's ok. Mostly sitting inside it so don't care.

On the spectrum of things our civilization/culture has come up with and framed as "everyday/normal" or even "aspirational" - for the money, cars have to be among the most idiotic.


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Jan 20, 2018
Murfreesboro, TN
I'm into cars. My fun car is an 86 MR2, the "poor man's Ferrari." I'd sure love to try out the real thing, but I doubt if I would enjoy owning and maintaining one. And realistically, the classic Ferraris don't perform much better than anything modern. They can be beat off the line by someone in a minivan who isn't even paying attention.

55 mph speed limits were a thing 40 years ago, a short lived experiment in safety and fuel efficiency. Most U.S. interstate highways have had a 70 mph speed limit since the 1980s.


Jul 31, 2018
If the argument were 5-10 vintage guitars vs. a Ferrari, then it might be a competition.

This is a bit like asking if you want a new home or a Honda Civic.
On the price comparison level, yes, but the Civic analogy leaves out the rarity factor and the self-esteem bit (the thrill of gaining skills on the guitar v. the pride of having a flashy car). I did say I would gladly accept a Ferrari, were it to fall in my hands, as I could sell it and purchase more vintage Strats.

The bigger point is that I feel richer, or at least rich enough, owning one original '55 Strat than I feel this guy is with his four or five very nice cars. I also realize this guy would have no use for a vintage guitar unless he were buying it as a museum piece to hang on the wall - possibly after learning a couple of blooze licks. Of course his clear choice might help explain why he's a successful business man - being motivated by the desire for more expensive toys.
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Sep 22, 2020
Kyiv, Ukraine
I'd get a Ferrari.
So that I could sell it and buy 2 vintage Strats.


I'd sell it and build a studio. And then buy an MX-5 or an Alpine A110, something I could enjoy at speeds that don't land you in jail.


100 seconds to midnight
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Dec 23, 2017
Third Door Down
Is the Ferrari running?

I would trade it for an Arial Atom if I want to drive regularly as I take the strat to jams.