Would you trust it?


Dr. Stratster
Dec 4, 2013
ex-cabinet installer here.

if the hanger/holder is not screwed to a stud it does not get to hold my guitars.

dogs, vacuum cleaner cords and dumb non-players have all knocked my stuff over so i am now in the zero percent chance of letting that happen again club.


Dr. Stratster
Nov 1, 2019
State of Disbelief
Fender is launching a new guitar holder. It uses a non-adhesive suction material to hold it in place on many surfaces, including tolex.
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I'm nervous just looking at the pic...lol
I saw those and thought it was interesting but I'm not sure about leaning a guitar up against anything. Too klutzy. I have racks up against the wall and across the front of my desk that are well out of my way and then a few stands sprinkled here and there in corners, also out of the way.

The one at risk is the one right next to me on a stand, which is usually the main one in rotation at any given time. Always a chance I'll catch a cord on it or a foot on the strap, but I take care to maneuver around it and keep everything tucked in. So far, so good. Knock on wood.

Something similar to hold the ends of cords might work for me but not leaning the guitars...


Aug 6, 2021
JMHO, and a caveat, I only use mine for temporary short term use, such as at band practice or auditions where there is not enough room for a stand and my guitar is placed against it for only a moment, such as preparing to be put back in a case. Mine serves me well on these occasions, but again my guitar is only momentarily placed against it. And, keep in mind I use Strats that are darn near indestructible. I doubt I would use it with a more vulnerable LP type guitar.

I would not recommend it to be used for any long term storage, especially where foot traffic or pets are involved.