You yanks though...


Apr 22, 2015
With all the Beatles content everywhere you look nowadays it's interesting to see people's different takes on them. If you experienced the Beatles organically - meaning you heard them for the very first time along with every one else, it's somewhat different than hearing them for the first time 50 years after the fact.

In 1963 and '64 I was just starting to notice something that had been around all my life, girls. And all the girls were so infatuated with the Beatles the none of the 1950s influenced gear-head type boys like me had a chance. So I knew I had to change things up. I thought about getting a guitar but at the time my financial situation revolved around my morning paper route. So I decided looking like them would be simpler, easier, and cheaper than playing like them.

After saving my pennies for a few months I figured a pair of Beatle Boots would solve my problem. But, at first, the only place to get them is from Great Britain. So I looked through our Sears Catalog and purchased a pair that just looked similar. And man, I was the envy of the eighth grade.

Adding in the tight slacks I was starting to get the girls to look my way, but there is one more piece of the puzzle, the hair. Most boys my age experienced the battle of hair length with their parents. Yet, I had it much worse as
Dad is the town Barber. And according to him, "The Barber's son isn't walking around with hair over his ears." Dad is gone now, but if he's reading this - I really apologize for all the angst I put you through over that.

After losing the battle of hair I gave up and became a Stones fan . . .