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Your first strat and why you still love/miss it?

Discussion in 'Stratocaster Discussion Forum' started by weelie, May 3, 2006.

  1. walt0915

    walt0915 New Member!

    May 8, 2006
    My first was (is) a 81 black on black with a maple board. I love the neck on that guitar, the vintage frets and fretboard. Gutiar sounds good too, but is probably going get new pups soon.

    It has all the "bad" things: 3-bolt neck, bullet truss rod, etc. but they've never bothered me. It has a nice bridge pickup, but the neck is weak, that's why I'm changing.
  2. GuitarSlinger

    GuitarSlinger Strat-Talker

    May 8, 2006
    I still have my black MIM strat but its only been 6 years. I could never part with it though, it plays as good or better than my american deluxe! (the deluxe has some issues right now :x )

    I guess I had a strat copy before that but the first one that said Fender on the headstock was bought in '00.
  3. rust_preacher

    rust_preacher Strat-Talk Member

    May 9, 2006
    My first...



    2001 American Series Texas Special Fat Stratocaster. Bought in GC Hollywood, of all places. Needed a Strat with a humbucker due to our band (at work) playing this weird grunge-punk mixture of covers.

    I swapped the bridge PU to a Custom Custom, see avatar. Also I swapped the staggered tuners the other way 'round due to a bad resonance problem in the A string - the nut to tuner length was somehow resonant with the open A and soaked the string vibrational energy out of he A string...

    I wanted to sell it but after the PU change, I think I'll keep it instead.

  4. Picky Picky

    Picky Picky New Member!

    May 8, 2006
    My first Strat was sometime in 77. I bought a used 75 w/ohsc. Tri-burst w/trem. I had been through 4 Gibsons since 65. So I thought I needed a change. I liked it but started breaking strings a lot. So a year later, I got another used 75 Strat with a trem. An ivory white. Both have white pick gaurds.

    Well I kept on breaking strings and didn't like the tuning instability so I put a Kahler into the sunburst.

    Wow! Divebombing and yanking up. Stability with the nut lock. Roller saddles that don't break strings hardly at all. No fishing strings through tiny little holes in dark rooms. (Which is next to impossible). I did such a good job. I impressed myself so much that I went and did my white Strat as well. Back then in 78-79, Kahlers were $225cdn. Half of what I paid for each Strat. Kind of pricey back then but I was desparate and I had the cash. Kahlers are now about $340us. Still pricey.

    I still have both of them and love them very much.

    I also wound up finding 2 Fender Heartfield Talons at separate times. A kind of Super Strat with HSH and Original Floyd Roses. One has 22 frets and the other has 24 frets. $260cdn for one and $220cdn for the other, both used. What a deal! They were just under $1,000us when they were new in 90-91. I believe they're from the Fuji Gen Gakki (Ibanez) factory in Japan.

    Then just lately I spot an Indonesian Squier MINI which is a 3/4 size Strat with 20 frets, 3 p'ups, 1 vol, 1 tone(which works on all 3 p'ups) and a 5 way switch for $130cdn brand new at L&M. I try it out and I kind of dig it right away. Sort of a Mustang short scale kind of feel. So what the heck! I buy it. It's a hard tail with string thru the rear of the tailpiece. Cheap parts but she sounds ok. And fun as heck to play. Specially those stretchy EVH tapping tricks.

    A couple of weeks later I spot a MIM 3/4 size Strat. Same specs but a string thru body hard tail and "All American Parts" for $450cdn. Well,...I bought that too!

    So now I've got 6 of 'em.

    There's no cure for this if the funds are there.

    Next, I think I need to try out some Tele's. 8)
  5. GuitArtMan

    GuitArtMan New Member!

    May 11, 2006
    1992 SRV Signature Strat. I hand picked it out of the second batch to hit the GC here in San Diego. I just went in the accoustic room with all four they had in stock and started playing them unplugged back and forth, back and forth... I wanted to listen to the wood because I knew the electronics could be set up to my tastes. After about a half hour or so one clearly stood out as just having the most alive feel of the bunch. It sounded like a strat even when unplugged and when plugged in just killed. I don't really care for Texas Specials (at least in other strats I've tried them in) but they sounded fu@#ing great in that guitar. I replaced the SRV guard with a tortoise shell one, and sheilded the pickup cavity. Like a fool I sold it when GAS struck for a Tom Anderson. I still miss that one... :(
  6. PVTele

    PVTele Strat-Talk Member

    May 25, 2006
    Mine was a '58 (according to the serial no.) or '59 (since that's the year Fender say rosewood boards were introduced) in Fiesta Red with a very early slab-type rosewood fingerboard. I bought her in 1967 for £90, in terrible condition (the first five frets had grooves down to the wood, and the body was dinged up all over) to play in my first pro band. (I was very young!) Spent another £90 at Ivor Mairants for a full refin in black, refret, new pots and switch, a new tuner on top E, and a full setup. I played that guitar for years, only stopping for an on/off affair with a lovely old cherry SG ;)

    Both those guitars went in lean times :cry: , and I became a full-time Tele player. Now I've a Strat again - a 1978 USA all-black, 1-piece maple neck, which sounds and plays like a dream 8) Big U neck, very little worn, a few mini-dings on the body, but everything original. Even has the 3-ply trem spring cover still!
  7. ChrisGS

    ChrisGS Strat-Talk Member

    May 25, 2006
    NYC area
    I first had a couple of Strat copies and "Partsocasters" , but my first actual Fender Stratocaster was a white American Standard with a maple neck in around 1991.

    I didn't really appreciate that guitar enough because I didn't like the look of the Maple neck , so I sold it cheap to my best friend (who has a real good ear) .

    As it turns out , I really appreciate the sound of that guitar now,and in the time my friend has had it , the finish on the guitar has darkened and mellowed to nice Honey tone on the neck . The good news is , I don't miss the guitar at all , because I can play it any time .

    And , that's the whole story ,

    Chris .
  8. totallyfrozen

    totallyfrozen Strat-Talk Member

    May 25, 2006
    Alaska, USA
    My first and only is a '93 MIA Standard Strat. Bought it from a guitar teacher who was teaching at the same shop that the guitarist for my band (I was the keyboard player) was teaching in.

    Back when I was taking lessons, I had to borrowed my sister's Japanese Strat. It was an 80's model with a V-neck (I just HATED that neck!) and a locking tremolo system. It was sunburst with white pick guard. She sold it during some hard times...I don't miss it--but SHE does.

    On mine, the neck finish has started to flake bit. I can see the finish starting to peel from the maple board. As mentioned above, the mid-90's Strats had this "problem". The neck on mine is also a bit wide feeling. One cool thing about the tradition of Fender Stratocasters is that guitars from every era had some unique "fault" that adds to their charm and culture. In a strange way, I think it's cool that the finish is peeling. Stratocasters have NEVER been prefect in everyway...just like vacume tube (valve) technology is far from perfect...but the imprefections are part of what make them so desirable. I think that we get attached to our Strats because they remind us of ourselves (and our spouses?). Imprefect, querky, but with it's own character and personality. They aren't "perfect"...but they're PERFECT FOR US!
    (go ahead...kiss your know you want to...I won't tell) ;)

    I plan keep my red one for life. It's my first, it feels great, it sounds great, and it's MINE.[/i]
  9. Metal Tiger

    Metal Tiger New Member!

    May 14, 2006
    Los Angeles California
    First Stat is an American Oly White with a rosewood fretboard.......plan on keeping it and play it every day. Oh, its a 2006. OMG....been playing a tele too long but love my new strat.
  10. Troubleman

    Troubleman New Member!

    May 29, 2006
    Columbia, Maryland
    (Ooooh - My Very First Post Here!)

    My first Strat was an early 90s Japanese 50's reissue in Surf Green - basswood body, maple board neck. I put a set of (at the time new product) Lace Sensors in it - red/gold/blue (bridge/middle/neck). Within the confines of Lace Sensors, it was actually a decent sounding Strat. Alas, I sold it to finance yet another Strat. I've tried to replace it with another, but the replacement didn't sound nearly as good, even with a set of Fralin Blues pickups.... (sigh)...

    Maybe I'll build another one day


  11. rwbjr

    rwbjr Strat-Talker

    Jun 8, 2006
    My first strat was actually my first electric guitar. A 1973 white fender strat with maple neck played through a fender super champ. I think that was 1980 or there about when I got it. I practically gave it away to get some money to fund my acquistion of an Ibanez Studio ST-50 and a Marshall JCM 800 full stack around 1982. Hey my band at the time was doing Van Halen and Ozzy covers. After that 80's thing went away and I grew up I am back to strats (way too many). Regardless of the knocks that 70's strats get, I miss that guitar becuase:
    1) It was actually pretty - not like some of the 70's horrors.
    2) It really was a good playing/sounding strat
    3) It was my first electric - wow, I wonder if everyone feels the same when they finally actually get to walk out of the guitar store with their first electric guitar after years of looking and waiting. Who knows maybe it's different now.
  12. Stratoclutter

    Stratoclutter Strat-Talk Member

    May 16, 2006
    First Strat was a 1983 1 Tone Control Stratocaster ... Neck was crap, pups were crap, tone was crap, BRIDGE WAS UBER CRAP

    Paint was CrAp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAPCRAPCRAP !!!! Tuners were .... you guessed it CRAPSHNACULAR !!!

    the only thing that wasn't crap was the truss rod ...

    and that was a good truss rod ....

    paint job was a '' Piss yellow amber ''

    I cried when I got it ...
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