Your Opinion on Orianthi

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    the pop song could be a disney movie theme.

    The steve vai duet... well I guess if you like that kind of thing.....
  2. sarNz

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    She may have better guitar skills, but Avril has her beat in ways that I would prefer


    I also like Avril's voice a lot better
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    Jun 18, 2009
    That video is very annoying. Not the actual song, but because whoever made the video seemed overly anxious to get across to everyone that she plays guitar. Sure, if that's their marketing angle, but do they have to show her with a guitar in full view in practically every shot, just to tell everyone that she's young, poppy, AND SHE PLAYS HER OWN GUITAR - NO CAMERA TRICKERY WHATSOEVER?

    I know we all love guitars here, but whoever made this video seemed desperate to also imply that she, unlike others in the pop business, has 'genuine' talent, because she plays her own guitar. That's a little off-putting, I think, because of how overt that message is force-fed to the viewers. I think we're all smart enough to decide for ourselves whether we like her music, guitar or no guitar, without having it shoved in our face.

    And also, she goes through, like, five guitars in that clip, and they're all PRS. She can endorse whatever she wants, but watching that clip was like flipping through a damn PRS catalogue.
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    I used to see Nori Bucci every day working in the library. I was doing my research and she'd be there restocking the shelves with the book cart. I had no idea she even played guitar and I doubt we ever said more than a few words to each other. I left town for a few years, and when I came back she was giving workshops and playing with Gamalon and the Nori Bucci Band. So, you never know. I've mentioned her before. She's a very fine technical guitarist. Whether you like her or not probably depends on your personal taste. You've all heard this this one:

    Q: How many guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: Ten. One to screw in the light bulb, and nine to watch the screwing in very closely and then claim they could have done it better...

    RE: Orianthi. I did see the Michael Jackson "This Is It" DVD. I was pleasantly surprised; it was about music and not media sensationalism. Orianthi was holding her own. I will say that in my considered opinion, it is in almost any endeavor easier for Pretty People to get a foot in the door than we humans, especially in the pop world, and this thread posits a female variant to all the John Mayer arguments.

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