Zeroglide the ultimate nut solution

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    Ultimate nut solution*****

    Watching videos on u toob they kno I play guitar as the commercials that pop are guitar related mostly.
    Anybody see this zero glide?

    U ever see a real cheap guitar how there is a nut than directly touching the nut is a "zero fret" fret bar.?
    This from wat I've seen I've kinda thought was a good idea but its usually on sum cheap Acoustic and it seems to make it buzz.

    I don't kno if this is a good idea or how it works. I urge you to check out their commercial and come back with your thoughts.

    With their product u knock the nut out(pre existing) and buy there nut and fret which is all sized and radius'd to your choice. Its 30 bux.
    Wat you think? Ultimate solution or crap( their claim is precise intonation and play ability of and on the first fret. Doesn't seem to do anything for the other twenty plus frets. But I guess if you get it good on the nut every fret should play well.
    Wat y'all think
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    I think that every guitar will have slightly different fret heights and they will continue to change as they wear and get leveled or replaced during the lifetime of the guitar.

    If that zero fret is not tweaked to match the guitar then it's no better than a poorly cut factory nut. Traditional zero frets are actually supposed to be level/crowned right along with all the other frets for the same reason.

    If you have a good tech who pays attention to the nut (or you DIY) then you can make any normal Fender nut play great.
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    Feb 21, 2016
    Zero frets are found on cheap guitars because it is easier to set them up on a machine or fixture tha way , and on very expensive handmade guitars, because it appeals to guitarmakers to have a more consistent sound between fretted and open strings.

    But most players want open strings to sound different from a fretted string-they love that open string ring-and so zero frets are not a popular feature. Many old Gretsches made with them have been converted to a conventional nut.

    Also, their having been used on a lot of Woolworth and truck stop guitars over the years has given the zero fret a connotation of cheapness. Even thoughthe most expensive handmade steel string flat top guitars (that aren't slavish Martin copies) often use them.
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