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Mike Oldfield is an awesome progressive rock musician. His album Tubular Bells is certainly worth listening to!

Hi guys, I’m new here
I wanna know how you think of Ibanez AZ2204 and sliver sky of PRS, this kind strat guitar which is not made by fender
What your opinions of them
This video is a cover of Little wings, played by Ibanez AZ2204N
Greetings. I'll take the Fostex if it's still available. I honestly prefer a dedicated device for some things.
Thanks in advance for offering this. I've given away lots of things on Squier-Talk and a couple of things on Strat-Talk and been the recipient of a free thing or two. It's what we do in cool places like this.
He sent me some free stuff, also. Back when I first joined the forum in, 2020. I literally had nothing but my guitar, amp, strap, & picks lol. He sent me some control knobs and an Epiphone tuner and maybe a few other things? Some pickups? I don't recall exactly but I was very grateful for it all 🙏
Did you grind the frets OFF OF 20 need to leave crowning file alone,you will ruin everything you touch w them.your apperantly not smart enough.I signed up on this forum just to tell you this because your post was so REDICULOUS.made my brain boil.dumbest questions and your responses were stupid as hell and these poor smart people were trying to help you, assuming you had sense.