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Hey! how you doing?
Everything is going well, thank you.

Work is good, the family is good, and my guitar playing is as good as ever.

How about you? How are you?

I saw that beautiful amp you were selling and wished I had a reason to buy it.
It's gone to Colorado. Hate that I had to sell it, but it just wasn't the"it" amp I've been looking for...and I really don't like stowing such a great amp in a closet when someone else an enjoy it.
Just finished solid Mahogany body - color now white
Evedently I need a good wiring guy for this Strat .near Allince Ohio- within 40 miles.
Can someone recommend a GOOD! wiring guy?

Thanx everyone!!
I'm a little more than 40 miles out otherwise I would say bring it here.
I thought I posted about a Strat a couple of year's ago and want to update, butI don't know where it should be. Oh I'll try some Searching...
Re: Mourning my MIJ 50's HSS. Next steps?
If you decide to let her go, let know what you want for her as is
Hi there, it's me "Tookie the Bird" I broke that Musicrap neck along time ago. All these years later I still do not regret it. Hah ha, have a nice day.
I recently purchased a ‘06 John Mayer Strat. I’m curious if there are any production numbers. Fender made his signature model from 2006-14.
Mike Oldfield is an awesome progressive rock musician. His album Tubular Bells is certainly worth listening to!