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Are you the Owner of tone bakery? Such great pedals, I just found out about them a few Months ago and have almost pulled the trigger mul times as they seem , for the value some of the best on the market.
amy insights as to favorite fuzz/ overdrive? I was thinking the crème
bruleee…. the dual overdrive pedal think its called?
Hey Matthew or Forever Fab Four. I am a fan of your YouTube videos and I've been watching your videos for a couple years. I was just wondering if you're ever gonna come back and make more videos. If you quit that's understandable but I hope you come back to do more Beatles content. Wish you the best - Cash
We seem to have very similar usernames. I stumbled across yours this morning while searching for a thread I started several years ago.
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This calls for a shred-off! Last man playing gets the name...
We use to use dueling pistols for such as this....
I’m only 58...but we use to take them to was okay as long as we stored them in the principal‘s office until school was out.😇
purchased a set of bare knuckle apaches, a while ago I freaking love these pickups they are very low output not ideal for rock and metal? Well I think they are lol, anyone else use these and what are your thoughts on these fantastic vintage sounding and also versatile pickups?!
Had a set in a 50's classic series Strat. Loved them but not for me. It's all the name. They where a bit too Hank Marvin for me. 🙂
I am about to put together a set of Bootstrap 54 vintage pros...maybe I’ll get some Hank Marvin tones...🙃
50s Classic Vibe Strat in Blonde
What’s your ETA on more whack?I’ve heard that stuffs back ordered out the wazoo. 😁
monte merrick
monte merrick
yeah shipping times are simply whack these days....
My neighbor, Patricia Whack, likes to visit my pet frog, Little Mick. He was named after his father, Mick Jagger.

One day, I found Patty trying to feed Little Mick what looked like a grain of rice. It wasn't rice, though -- it was one of those little rice-shaped breath mints. I told her, "That's a TicTac, Patty Whack. Leave the frog alone. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

I'm sorry.
60th anniversary metal badge
I’ve had this thing for 16years, Its like a member of my family. Last week, the metal badge on the headstock of my 2006 amer F94DCEDB-6A6E-44A2-ACE4-ED19BB621D6B.png Fender fell off and we can’t find it. Does anyone know where (or if) those things can be purchased direct from fender or third party?
we could walk to the moon
if only the strong branches would hold

we could sail to the deepest reaches of the
molten core, the hot molten core

the open sky is a taunting gaze and
we don’t have the most reliable meters

you can look at a war

or you may prefer to look away
it doesn’t matter.

you don’t own the war,
not even if you say
that you do.